As Horace expands, ReadiTech is expanding access to internet.


Few rural communities have experienced a transformation as explosive as Horace, North Dakota.

The Horace of 2022 is virtually unrecognizable from that of the early aughts; where there were once rows of soybeans and corn, there now stand rows of developed homes. Formerly empty lots are now occupied by state-of-the-art schools and a diverse array of shops and restaurants.

And in the center of it all stands ReadiTech.

ReadiTech, a subsidiary of Ellendale-based DRN, has been delivering telecommunications services to rural North Dakota since 2010. In the decade since, the company has experienced rapid growth rivaling that of Horace itself, acquiring two additional companies in North and South Dakota and expanding its 100 percent fiber-optic network into the communities of Cassleton, Mapleton, and now Horace.

“Nobody else can bring these small communities 10 gig internet. We can,” said Kari Nishek, Business Intelligence Manager at ReadiTech. 

The company’s new office is located just off of County Road 17. In addition to being a highly visible location in the heart of Horace, the centralized location allows ReadiTech to deploy fiber in every direction.

As a new addition to an already high-traffic area, ReadiTech knew they needed to design a facility that would stand out from the crowd. So, they enlisted the help of community partners Prairie Design Studio, Lee Jones and Son Construction, interior designer Chase Alec, and InterOffice. 

ReadiTech wanted to create a space that conveyed the company’s modern, high-tech approach while still being comfortable and welcoming for employees and guests alike. InterOffice helped ReadiTech strike this balance by combining lush materials, clean lines, and consistent color schemes throughout the entire space.

The furniture we chose was perfect for that space.

“InterOffice embraced our vision immediately,” Nishek said. “They collaborated beautifully with our architects and interior designer to embrace the layouts, color, and feel we were going for.”

Each piece was carefully curated to complement another. A stained glass mural of ReadiTech’s emblematic globe, created by a local artist ushers visitors through the front door. Elements of the brand’s logo are reflected in the lobby’s furniture, like moss green Geiger Crosshatch chairs and a high-backed sofa from OFS. InterOffice even selected a rug whose pattern echoes the couch’s geometric upholstery.

But beautiful as the lobby may be, Nishek’s favorite part of the new facility is up the stairs, on the second floor. Floor-to-ceiling windows surround four separate seating areas, with mobile side tables from [OFS] and seating from Carolina Furniture that can be reconfigured into a larger communal workspace. 

“I love the light and the feel up there,” she said. “The furniture we chose was perfect for that space.”

ReadiTech’s focus on both form and function extends beyond client-facing spaces and into employee offices and workrooms. Standing desks from MillerKnoll have brought versatility to employees’ offices–and have become the envy of teammates across the state.

InterOffice is second to none.

“Everyone greatly appreciates those,” Nishek said. “Now employees at our other locations want them!” 

This facility brings ReadiTech Engineering, ReadiTech IT Solutions, and ReadiTech Fiber teams under one roof, so it was vital to keep each department’s unique needs in mind when selecting furniture. For the IT department, ReadiTech worked with InterOffice to create a 16-foot workbench equipped with built-in power. 

“They tell me that this is a masterpiece to work off of. There is plenty of space to set up multiple computers, routers, or any other equipment they happen to be working on,” Nishek said. “This one piece has allowed our employees to be very effective and efficient.”

While ReadiTech’s Horace office was created with efficiency in mind, it’s not all about work. A few unexpected touches, like Herman Miller Spun Chairs, add a playful spin to the space.

“You can’t sit in them and not have a smile on your face,” Nishek said. 

ReadiTech is on a mission to ensure that North Dakotans have access to the affordable, reliable, and lightning-fast internet they need to live, work, and play. With a beautiful new space, an unrivaled fiber optic network, and support from InterOffice, the company is ready to bring that mission to the booming community of Horace.

“They embraced the vision that was presented to them and they hit the mark right on. They met all of our needs,” Nishek said. “InterOffice is second to none.”