Prairie Engineering, P.C. has transformed their outdated space into a state-of-the-art facility that is as functional and modern as the buildings they help bring to life. 

Since 1983, Prairie Engineering has been involved in the design of dozens of municipal buildings, hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, and more. Their mechanical and electrical consulting services have helped clients across the Midwest utilize the latest technology, save energy and money, and satisfy code requirements.  

The firm has spent the better part of four decades helping clients design spaces that meet their needs; but in the process, Prairie Engineering has often overlooked their own. 

As the team grew, the office began to feel cramped. The space was not being utilized to its full potential, and there was not a designated, comfortable space to bring clients for meetings. When clients did visit, Engineer and Corporate Secretary Jeremy Butman felt that the dated decor did not reflect the quality of work they were doing.

“It looked like we were coming straight out of the ‘80s,” Butman said. “We wanted a more functional space with a modern look and feel.”

Fortunately, Butman knew just who to call.

“We had worked with Kyle Hellman at InterOffice on many projects in the past,” Butman said. “He has always been very responsive when we’ve had questions, even before we were customers. I know that if there is an issue, they are going to take care of it. That’s why we contacted him first.”

With that trust already in place, Butman and Hellman got straight to work. Butman’s team at Prairie Engineering first determined where walls would need to move in order to better utilize the space. They handed over the updated floor plan to Hellman, who began compiling paint, tile, and furniture samples–and the end result is a space that is almost unrecognizable.

“The transformation that took place over the past few months has turned this space from a 1980s office to a modern workplace that everyone can now enjoy,” Hellman said.When you walk in the door, the first thing you notice is contrast. White accent trim pops against gray geometric carpet tile. Herman Miller Swoop Plywood Lounge Chairs provide a comfortable place for clients to sit while also creating a welcome contrast to all of the sharp angles.

It looked like we were coming straight out of the ‘80s. We wanted a more functional space with a modern look and feel.

Jeremy Butman

But for the real surprise, you must look up.  

“We painted some areas of the ceiling black,” Butman said. “I got a lot of weird looks when I said we were going to do that, but it turned out really nice.”

A Herman Miller Headway Table and Exemplis Hexy Conference Room Chairs compose a conference room that reflects the professionalism and tech-forward attitude that Prairie Engineering is known for. Down the hallway, Herman Miller Motia Height Adjustable Desks and Aeron Chairs have quickly become a favorite addition among Prairie Engineering employees.

“It was time for not only an aesthetic update, but an ergonomic one,” Butman said. “We realized that the workspaces, though they were functional, weren’t the greatest for employee use. We wanted to provide better workspaces for our folks.” 

With this renovation, Prairie Engineering has proven that you don’t always need to start from scratch to create an environment that suits your needs. By intentionally utilizing your square footage, considering both clients’ and employees’ needs, and adding a few unexpected touches, you can transform your existing space in just a few months. 

“The one comment I’ve heard when people walk in is, ‘Wow it’s really modern in here,’” Butman said. “So I definitely believe we accomplished our goal.”