With their own unique visions and furnishings from InterOffice, FM Title and Kennelly Business Law have created environments that surprise and delight their clients.

At first glance, 1213 NP Avenue is your typical commercial building in downtown Fargo. But to step inside is to enter a world of surprises, like a coffee shop within a title company and a putting green in the middle of a law firm. 

Kennelly Business Law and FM Title moved into 1213 NP in the spring of 2021. Both businesses had worked closely with InterOffice Workspace Expert Melissa LaBay on previous spaces, so when it came time to furnish their new offices, they knew just who to call.

“This is the second time we’ve fit up an office in six years, and the second time we’ve used InterOffice,” said Jeff Gunkelman, attorney and co-founder of Kennelly Business Law. “Even though six years had passed, the staff remembered us, they remembered our personalities and our styles from the first office, and made the second time even that much easier.”


The attorneys behind Kennelly Business Law take pride in doing things a bit differently.

“It’s not just about knowing the law,” Gunkelman said. “What sets us apart is that we like to be business advisors, in addition to being lawyers.”

Kennelly Business Law assists business owners with everything from forming companies and writing contracts to preparing for mergers and acquisitions. And although “business law” is in their name, they also represent hundreds of clients across the region in matters of civil litigation, family law, and estate planning. 

They are knowledgeable and effective, but they also like to have a little fun; they’re the kind of attorneys who are just as likely to don a pair of jeans as a suit and tie. When they moved into 1213 NP Avenue, they wanted to create a space that reflected their firm’s unique philosophy and personality. 

Kennelly took over a previously unoccupied space on the third floor of the building, giving them a blank slate from which to build their dream space. And that entire space was designed around one unexpected piece that exemplifies Kennelly’s laid-back atmosphere: a ten-foot putting green.

“It’s a stress reliever for us. It is a way for us to bounce ideas off each other,” Gunkelman said. “So from day one, when InterOffice was designing our interior area of the office, the putting green was drawn in at all times.”

In Kennelly’s previous space, the putting green had been tucked away in a corner, away from clients’ eyes. This time around, they placed it front and center. LaBay took inspiration from the putting green while selecting furniture for the space, adding a bistro table and barstools from OFS next to the green to create an additional seating area for clients and teammates. For the main reception area, LaBay selected comfortable lounge seating from OFS, upholstered in a vibrant green to emulate the turf. 

“It’s just details like that, especially for guys that don’t really have an eye for interior decorating, that changes a dull, boring space into a welcoming one,” Gunkelman said. “We never would have thought to put green chairs in our office, but Melissa pushed us to go outside of our comfort zone a little bit and the results speak for themselves. It just looks incredible.”

Another priority for Kennelly Business Law was creating a conference room that defies expectations of a traditional, “stuffy” law firm—a space where clients can feel comfortable sharing their fears, goals, and expectations with their attorney. Everyone who walks into the main conference room is greeted by bountiful sunlight and panoramic views of downtown Fargo; LaBay was tasked with identifying furnishings that are as attractive and inviting as the space itself. 

The centerpiece of the room is a Headway Table by Herman Miller, which is large enough to accommodate up to 14 people, yet comfortable for intimate meetings of just three or four. To provide additional seating while also making the room more inviting, LaBay added two lounge chairs, an end table, and a low credenza.

“There’s this mentality that people don’t want to meet with their lawyers because it’s so formal and uncomfortable,” Gunkelman said. “We want to make sure that our clients always feel comfortable coming in, because the only way we can do our job effectively is if they are as open as possible with us. We wanted to create a warm and welcoming office space and a place that people will want to come to, and InterOffice helped us achieve that.”


Kennelly Business Law’s downstairs neighbors, FM Title, are a full-service title company specializing in commercial and residential real estate closing, escrow, and abstract services. While Kennelly was able to design their new space from the drywall up, FM Title had the opportunity to renovate the building’s first floor, the former home of Prairie Roots Food Co-op. 

“We purchased it in June of 2020, and then spent the next eight months making it not look like a grocery store,” said President Brandon Pittenger. “My office is in the produce section.”

Pittenger and his team have embraced elements of the space they inherited while creating an office that meets their team and clients’ needs—starting with a warm and inviting reception area. In FM Title’s previous office, the front door led directly into the team’s workspace. 

Now, when a client walks through the automatic glass doors, the first thing they see is a sign advertising “Free Coffee for All Clients,” and an artisanal coffee bar where the co-op’s prep kitchen used to be. They can place an order with the receptionist, who will prepare their beverage as they wait for their appointment to begin. 

“Closing on a house is one of the most exciting days in people’s lives,” Pittenger said. “We wanted to create an experience that they will remember, and the kitchen space was already there, so it just worked out perfectly.”

To furnish the reception area, LaBay worked with FM Title to pair existing pieces with new items from OFS, creating an unexpectedly whimsical environment. 

“We reused our dining tables and chairs that were already in the space from Prairie Roots, and Melissa helped us identify new pieces that would coordinate well,” Pittenger said. “It makes the space feel more homey and comfortable because it doesn’t all match perfectly.” 

But even more important than selecting the perfect piece of furniture is crafting a space that is intentional and efficient. LaBay collaborated with FM Title to arrange their furnishings in a way that promotes an effortless flow of traffic from the entrance, to the coffee bar, to the conference rooms—creating a seamless experience for every client who walks in the door. 

“We had a vision for what that might look like, and Melissa came to us with very good suggestions and a layout,” Pittenger said. “We wanted to create an experience that is welcoming and enjoyable on what can be an otherwise stressful day, and I definitely think we met that goal.”