As an industry leader in measurement technology, Frontier Precision has expanded from one location in Bismarck, North Dakota to over 100 employees across 12 states. When they needed a new headquarters to keep up with their rapid growth, they called InterOffice.

Frontier Precision is an employee-owned company serving industries including construction, law enforcement, mosquito and vector control, and forestry throughout the western United States.

Since their founding in 1988, Frontier Precision has been headquartered out of Bismarck, North Dakota. But as Frontier Precision expanded to serve more customers in more areas, they also outgrew their existing facility. That’s why, in February 2021, they moved into their newly built Bismarck headquarters—complete with 14 offices, a training center, and multiple meeting rooms.

“Bismarck is our corporate office. We wanted to make it a flagship presentation, something we can be proud of, something modern with all of the technology that’s available today,” said CFO Kevin Hellman. “We wanted to do it right, because we hope that this will be our permanent home.”

Frontier Precision needed all-new furnishings to fill their new space, and thankfully, Kevin knew just who to call. His brother, Kyle Hellman, happens to be a Workspace Expert at InterOffice.

“They are a company that does things right,” Kyle said. “They didn’t just put up a building. They didn’t cut costs. And I think that mentality is the reason for their success.”

Clean Look and Cutting-Edge Technology

Frontier Precision approached InterOffice with two priorities in mind: consistency and technology. It was up to InterOffice to select the pieces that would bring their vision to life.

“We wanted a consistent flow for all of our employees,” Kevin said. “Before, we had kind of a hodgepodge of different desks and furniture. We wanted a consistent theme throughout the building to create a clean, modern look.”

In order to create clean lines and a homogeneous atmosphere throughout the space, Kyle selected JSI Vision Series Desks and Herman Miller Aeron Chairs for all of the offices. A consistent, yet bold color palette also helps create a sense of unity within the space.

“We pulled the bright cherry red from their logo to use as a pop of color,” Kyle said. This red can be seen in accents across Frontier Precision’s headquarters, from the carpet to the chairs. “Most companies play it safe and order black, grey or earth-tones, so it was nice to go off the track on this one.”

As a company recognized for being on the forefront of technology, it was important for Frontier Precision to incorporate elements of tech in their space—especially in the training center, where they offer professional certified training to help customers utilize the solutions they sell.

“Our training center was a main focus for us, because people come from all over to train,” Kevin said. “That’s where our customers relate to us probably more than anything else.”

That’s why Kyle selected Exemplis Movi Nesting Chairs and Herman Miller Everywhere Training Tables, which are equipped with power access and can be conveniently rearranged to meet the needs of each session.

“It’s a clean look,” Kevin said. “I see our employee’s excitement in the training center, the pride they have in showing it to the customers that come in.”

Over the past 33 years, Frontier Precision has established a reputation as the forerunner of the measurement technology industry. Now they have a headquarters that reflects their commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched customer service.

“After decades in the same spot, it’s a morale booster,” Kevin said. “Moving is never easy, but I believe it’s worth it. Everybody is proud of their workspace and the company they work for.”