In the spring of 2020, the uncharacteristically empty chambers of the Judicial Wing of the North Dakota State Capitol posed an opportunity for a much-needed refresh to the state’s highest court.


The project was spearheaded by Lana Zimmerman, Administrative Assistant for the North Dakota Supreme Court. 

“During the pandemic and end of the biennium, we couldn’t think of a better time to renovate the Supreme Court offices,” Zimmerman said. 

It had been more than 20 years since the Court’s administrative and public spaces had experienced an upgrade. The dark, dated color palette and closed-off cubicles created an environment that felt unwelcoming for employees and the public alike. 

“Our goal with this project was to make the cubicles private, yet accessible so the public felt welcome,” Zimmerman said. “We decided it would be best to have a more professional and modern feel along with making our offices ergonomic.” 

Determining the scope of the project proved to be an ongoing process; the first items to go were the decades-old floor and wall coverings. 

“After wallpapering and laying carpet, the old furniture from the 1990s really was outdated and clashed with the new wall covering and carpet,” Zimmerman said. 

Then it was time to replace the existing, outdated furniture with modern pieces that were also more ergonomic and compliant with ADA standards. 

“This turned into a huge undertaking, as there was a lot to move and change,” Zimmerman said. 

The Court sent out a bid for a partner to assist with the daunting task of selecting all-new furniture for such a large space. Impressed with both the quality of the furniture offered and the attitude of Workspace Expert Kyle Hellman, Zimmerman selected InterOffice to complete the job. 

It is open and welcoming as well as professional feeling, as opposed to the institutional look from the past.

Lana Zimmerman

Over the course of the next year, Zimmerman and Hellman collaborated to select furnishings and decor for the Court’s public waiting area, conference rooms, administrative offices, judge chamber offices, and clerk staff offices. Additionally, InterOffice assisted the Court with the construction of two new private offices using DIRTT Modular Walls. 

A Herman Miller Canvas office landscape was the product of choice for the administrative area. Light brown walnut wood trim and face tiles were chosen for the workspaces to match the prominent decor and existing wood trim of the Judicial Wing of the State Capitol. 

“The goal was to have functional workstations with a rich wood look,” Hellman said. “Essentially, to not look like cubicles.” 

In the conference rooms, Herman Miller Headway Tables and Exemplis Amplify Seating were selected to create a more professional, yet comfortable environment for collaboration. Hellman chose vibrant blue Ideon Composium Bench Seating to match existing artwork in the front public waiting area and bring a much-needed pop of color to the space. 

“My favorite thing about the new space is it is open and welcoming as well as professional-feeling, as opposed to the institutional look from the past,” Zimmerman said. 

In addition to aesthetic upgrades, improving ergonomic functionality was another priority for the Court. All workstations were equipped with electronic, ergonomic 

“It is open and welcoming as well as professional-feeling, as opposed to the institutional look from the past.”

Herman Miller Motia Table Bases. InterOffice also provided height-adjustable desks from the JSI-Vision Series with Ergo Adjustments for the Court’s private offices. 

From start to finish, the renovation of the North Dakota Supreme Court took nearly a full year. It was a long-overdue process, and well worth the time and effort. The end result is a revitalized space that feels warm, yet airy; modern, yet timeless. 

“From painting walls to wallpaper, then finishing countertops and bathrooms, this was no small feat. Kyle truly was amazing in the effort of getting this all accomplished,” Zimmerman said. “I am so happy we chose InterOffice for our wants and needs!”