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Design for the good of humankind.

We are a leading provider of furnishings, tools, and services. Led by our mission—inspiring designs to help people do great things—we have succeeded for over 100 years in using design as a means of thinking, learning, and solving problems innovatively.

Herman-Miller’s human-centered approach begins with the study of people, their physical attributes and their behaviors. Based on this research, they work with the world’s leading thinkers and designers to design solutions for people, wherever they work, learn, heal, and live. These collaborations yield original designs that marry beauty and utility.

Established in 1905 as Star Furniture, renamed Herman Miller Furniture Company in 1923 by founder D.J. De Pree, they became known as Herman Miller, Inc., in 1960.

Herman-Miller is headquartered in West Michigan, USA, and employs over 8,000 people worldwide, with a presence on every continent but Antarctica. They make their products in the United States, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, and the United Kingdom, and are known globally for their innovative and award-winning designs. People around the world take inspiration from their innovative business practices, their views on leadership, and their stance on sustainability.

Their innovative thinking is most recently evident in their reinvention of the workplace. Called Living Office®, it results from collaborations with thought leaders and designers to apply a greater understanding of people and what motivates them. Working with professionals across facilities and design disciplines, they use these insights to aid in creating more purposeful, diverse, and high-performing workplaces.

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